Is Social Media Overwhelming You?

Everywhere you look these days you see an article or an email or a seminar which basically says that you need to use social media to promote your business.   It can be a bit overwhelming.

3d-chalk-art-holeHow much time should you put into your Blog,  posting on other blogs, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube or any of the other social media platforms that seem to be popping up like weeds?  If you spend 30 minutes each on Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn, you’ve used up 2 hours of your day.

You need to have a strategy for using your social media to avoid it becoming a black hole of your time.

Successful Social Media leverages content from different sources.  Some will be content that you generate, some will be content from others.   The goal is to provide content that is valuable to your existing and potential customers.  You want people to say that your information helped them, because in a social media driven world it is more important what others say about you, than what you say about yourself.

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