The Internet has changed the fundalmentals of marketing

With the internet, Customers come to you.   Traditional Marketing was about pushing your product or services on customers. The “old Marketing” tools have lost their effectiveness.

44% of direct mail is never opened

86% of viewers skip TV Ads

200 Million Americans have registered their phone number in the FTC “Do Not Call” list

Today marketing is about earning people’s interest instead of buying it.  Your Marketing needs to be focused on getting found by potential customers.

The foundation of all Internet Marketing is your website.   A well crafted website can spread it’s content through Social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.  It can feed News Aggregators like or Reddit.

As your content is picked up it becomes easier for your potential clients to find you. Increasing your visitors and increasing your sales.

You need to know if your website works in this new world. 

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